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Financial Coaching

Getting Financially Fit

,In the same way a personal trainer can help you improve your physical fitness than you might be able to achieve on your own, we do the same for your financial fitness.

Many of our clients asked for financial guidance beyond the traditional financial plan, investment, and insurance triad of services.

  • They wanted a strategy to help them manage and pay off their student debt.
  • They wanted to improve their credit score.
  • They wanted to take control of their household expenses and budgeting.
  • They wanted to make more informed buying vs. leasing/renting decisions for cars and a home.
  • They wanted help choosing the credit card that was right for them.

You get the idea . . .

How It Works
In response to these requests we created a financial coaching program where we focus on one financial aspect of the client's life every month.  We approach it using our knowledge and experience as financial advisors, the client's enthusiasm to improve that particular aspect of their financial life, and we delve into that particular problem, setting an action plan afoot.  Month-by-month, we focus and act to improve on a different aspect of your financial life--like working on a different financial muscle each month.

You choose from a menu of financial aspects you'd like to address and you pay-as-you-go with no long-term obligation.  Sessions are generally one hour per month.

Improvement Today.  Benefits for a Lifetime.
The more financial aspects we can help you improve, the stronger your financial fitness should be.  It's financial fitness where a financial improvement this month may mean many months or years of improved financial position.  We're helping you create better, more informed financial habits today that can have a lifetime of benefits.