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Life Event/Situational Consulting

Thoughtful, Informed Decisions When It Matters

Thoughtful, Informed Decisions When It Matters

There are many curve balls in life and there's a financial plan to match each of them. To start, you may just need to talk through your financial situation and explore your options with a seasoned financial advisor.

We offer that as a complimentary consultation and we invite collaboration with your attorney, CPA, trustee, family members--anyone you would like to include who may help you with forthcoming financial decisions.

A life-changing event may include financial planning for a special needs child, divorce, widowhood, remarriage, exiting a business, a large inheritance, and other situations which, with a financial strategy, may be managed prudently and optimally.

A financial strategy strategy to match your particular need can help address the financial concerns you may have. The right plan can empower you to make the most of any situation and help provide the window of opportunity you seek.

You have options. We'll help you understand them so you can make an informed decision that's best for you.